Drag Queen Can Transform Into Literally Any Celebrity With Incredible Makeup Skills


We have a question: What’s your makeup routine? If you’re anything like us, you slap on some concealer, apply some mascara and if you’re lucky, you’ll add a little blush to bring some life into your cheeks. Especially in pandemic times, we don’t bother putting too much makeup on.

However, drag queen Alexis Stone is really showing us up. Sure, he knows the basics of makeup and can make himself beautiful for when he performs. But that’s not all he can do: He has the ability to use makeup to literally turn himself into any celebrity he wants.

“I love the ability to transform myself into others. The ability to play dress-up every day whilst becoming someone else for a moment keeps me sane and inspires me and those around me,” he explains. “Studying someone’s face is what I do best and using makeup to alter mine to resemble them is part of the process.”

Don’t believe us? Check out these insane makeup transformations.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

  2. Kim Kardashian

  3. Ellen DeGeneres

  4. Queen Elizabeth

  5. Macaulay Culkin

  6. Dumbledore

  7. Zayn Malik

  8. Amy Winehouse

  9. Angelina Jolie

  10. Joan Rivers

  11. Madonna

Wow! Can you believe these transformations? Be sure to check out more of Alexis’ work on his Instagram page @thealexisstone.