“Dr. Phil” Employees Reveal That the Set Is A Toxic Workplace Behind the Scenes

Wikimedia Commons

Phil McGraw, who is more popularly known as Dr. Phil, first rose to fame on The Oprah Winfrey show. Although he is not a licensed psychologist, he does have a doctorate in clinical psychology and is famous for his mental health advice.

It could be easy to think that working on Dr. Phil’s show, “Dr. Phil,” would be like being paid to get therapy. After all, when the person the show is named after is thought to give great advice to the people on his show, wouldn’t he also make sure the work environment behind the scenes was extra kind, compassionate and healthy?

No, not sure, at least that’s what multiple current and former employees of “Dr. Phil” have to say. It’s important to note that the employees aren’t sure that Dr. Phil is aware of the toxic work environment. They point their finger at senior staffers instead.

Some employees say the work environment was toxic due to the way they were treated by senior members of the staff, including the show’s executive producer, Carla Pennington. One employee said that Pennington cursed and screamed at employees in the show’s control room. She would allegedly call employees “retards” and “idiots.” The employee recalled, “It was traumatizing. It was the worst hour of your life. There was full-blown yelling, calling people idiots, and slamming doors, and it would not be acceptable in any other job in any other business. Then after, everybody’s upset and everybody’s crying.”

Other employees say that the toxic work environment wasn’t as much due to being yelled at but due to the directions they were given when booking and handling the show’s guests. For example, one employee recalled being instructed to make sure a guest didn’t take her medication before going on stage because they wanted her to look crazy. They were also instructed to tell potential guests what they wanted to hear, basically saying anything to get them booked on the show while leaving out as many specifics as possible about what they could really expect. One employee shared that she had trouble sleeping at night for the part she was going messing with other people’s mental health.

Employees also claim that there was racism on set, such as making fun of Black and Latino guests and being encouraged to book white guests who appeared upper middle class.

McGraw and Pennington’s lawyers deny all allegations. They point to other employees who praise the work environment and experience on the show.

Do you believe the employees that claim there is a toxic work environment behind the scenes at “Dr. Phil”? Have you ever worked anywhere that had a toxic work environment.