Dr. Oz Video Meant To Appeal To Voters Makes Him Look Out Of Touch

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Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, Mehmet Oz (“Dr. Oz”), has recently created a video that was meant to show voters how grocery store prices have increased since Joe Biden has been the president—however, he ended up making himself look like a bit of a fool.

In the video, he states that he’s at “Wegnars” (did he possibly mean “Wegmans”?) and explained that he was there because his wife wanted to make crudité, so he wanted to pick up some items for her to use. Check it out below!

He begins in the veggie section, grabbing a few things for the board: broccoli, asparagus, and carrots to start with. He adds up the prices, which comes to about $10 just for three veggies. He then picks up guacamole, which is $3.99, and finally, a container of salsa, which is seems to be in shock over the price: a whopping $5.99! “There must be a salsa shortage,” he exclaims.

However, since the video went viral, it turns out that he was actually looking at the wrong label. Salsa was only $4.99. The $5.99 price tag was actually for a bruschetta spread nearby.

In addition to misreading labels, there are a few odd things about this video, particularly the items he chose to showcase his point. Most people would be more interested in an increase in the price of staples, such as milk, eggs, bread.

Additionally, in the four months since Dr. Oz filmed the video, costs for some of the items he talks about have actually gone down, not up, or stayed the same!

That’s not to say that costs for groceries haven’t increased as a whole—they have. But the people of Pennsylvania have a lot to say about how Dr. Oz chose to relay that information. It was just odd!

“HAHA! Appealing to the common man, discussing his ‘crudité’! Maybe he should go complain about the caviar prices too!” someone joked.

“Yes, the rising cost of crudités is a big problem for ordinary people. I hear some people have cut out the amuse-bouche course altogether!” another said.

Not only did people tease the candidate, but a Twitter account was also created for “Wegnars” grocery store (where he said he was shopping). The “About” section reads “The Crudité Capital of Central PA.”

His opposing Democratic candidate John Fetterman even posted his own response to it. See the hilarious reaction below!

What do you think of Dr. Oz’s video?