Sony Pictures Television Announced Abruptly That ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ Will Be Ending In January 2022

TODAY via YouTube

Fans of The Dr. Oz Show, we have some upsetting news: You’ve only got a few weeks left to enjoy the show. Sony Pictures has just announced that the show will be ending much earlier than it originally anticipated: The last episode will air on January 14, 2022.

The show had previously been renewed until 2023, but the abrupt ending was announced about two weeks after the host, Mehmet Oz, announced his candidacy to run for Senate as a Republican in Pennsylvania.

Don’t worry—the show isn’t just being canceled with nothing in its place. The show will be swapped with something that fans are bound to love: The Dr. Oz Show spinoff, The Good Dish, which is hosted by Oz’s daughter, Daphne Oz, along with Gail Simmons, and Jamika Pesso. The Good Dish will launch on January 17, 2022, just three days after the last episode of The Dr. Oz Show will air.

“Audiences have been loving what Daphne, Gail, and Jamika have been serving up during their weekly segments on The Dr. Oz Show for years,” said Sony Pictures Television executive Zack Hernandez. “We have long believed The Good Dish would make an excellent stand-alone series and are delighted to be able to deliver this fresh take on the cooking genre to our station partners and their viewers across the country.”

Executive Producers of The Good Dish include Amy Chiaro and Stacy Rader of ZoCo Productions, two people who are extremely talented and have won five Daytime Emmy Awards together (with The Dr. Oz Show winning 10 Daytime Emmys over its 13 seasons on air). The producers say that The Good Dish will be “the most fun you can have in the kitchen without having to do the dishes.”

In a campaign statement on November 30, Oz announced his plans to run for office and “to help cure our country’s ills.” He added: “Pennsylvania needs a conservative who will put America first, one who can reignite our divine spark, bravely fight for freedom and tell it like it is.”

He running to replace U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican from the Lehigh Valley who is retiring. The results of the race may determine whether or not Democrats will retain their majority control, which they currently have, of the Senate in 2023.

Do you watch The Dr. Oz Show? What do you think of Oz running for Senate? Does the cancellation come as a surprise to you, or did you expect it?