13 Women Share Some of the Things They Just Don’t Understand About Men

AntonioGuillemF via Deposit Photos

Men may say that women are confusing creatures, but it’s actually it’s the men who are the confusing ones!

If we asked you right now what you don’t understand about men, chances are you could rattle off a few things. In fact, that’s just what the women of Reddit did in one thread, and we couldn’t agree more with what they came up with.

Here are some of the most relatable, painfully accurate answers.

  1. Commitment Issues

    “Why, if they love you, they won’t commit to you, and why, when they begin to settle in to “being in a relationship” they get scared and take off because of their fear of their feelings…”

  2. Not Using the Toilet Properly

    “I don’t understand why so many guys are against putting the toilet seat down. The lid is there for a reason. Put the lid down.”

  3. Needing a Reason for Everything

    “[I don’t understand] how they can pretend that everything they do is based on ‘logic.’”

  4. Why We’re Not Always After Attraction

    “How they can’t seem to grasp that everything we do isn’t to attract them.”

  5. Being Mad if a Girl Doesn’t Like Them

    “I don’t get why they make such a big deal about being friend-zoned. You rarely see girls complaining about it.”

  6. Giving Questionable Hints

    “I don’t understand how/why so many of them complain about girl’s giving hints that they don’t understand, but a lot of them do the exact same thing back.”

  7. Why They Shut Down

    “Why you guys completely shut down without a word and go into your “man cave” or to go think on “your rock” for days at a time. At least if you said, “I need a few days to think”, but nope, it’s complete and total shutdown.”

  8. That They “Deserve” Relationships

    “Some guys I know think that they “earned” their girlfriends by “chasing” after them and being nice to them for a really long time, and when they get dumped they say stuff like “How could this happen? I worked so hard! All my effort was pointless!”. It sounds like they think the girl doesn’t have emotions that are out of control of the guy. Like… “If I just try hard enough I can make her like me!”

  9. Acting As if Women Owe Them Something

    “[I don’t get] why so many of them act as if women owe them things like time, attention, conversation and sex, just because they were nice. Why, when they realize a woman isn’t interested in speaking to them, instead of respecting that they act offended and get angry and pushy about 50% of the time.”

  10. Hypocritical Emotions

    “Why so many of them can’t understand why women aren’t blunt/forward with their feelings when so many of them aren’t open with their emotions either.”

  11. That They’re Superior

    “How they can think that they’re the objective and reasonable sex.”

  12. Being Disrespectful

    “If a lady sends you nude pictures, why do you show them to your friends? Yeah, if she never finds out then you’ll all just get a laugh out of it. But I’m pretty sure you know better. And if she does find out, you’re probably not getting any more sexy pictures from her.”

  13. Yelling at the TV

    “Sports. Enough said.”

Do you agree with these statements? What else would you add about what you don’t understand about men?