Dolly Parton Reveals Sad News

Kristopher Harris

Country star Dolly Parton may be 77 years old, but she’s not letting her age slow her down when it comes to making music. In fact, she has a new album called “Rockstar” which includes duets with other talented singers including Elton John and Sting.”

Don’t hold your breath to see Parton on tour any time soon though. According to Parton she is done touring, and she has a few good reasons.

Parton’s first reason for not touring is that she’s “getting older.” We can only imagine how much time and energy it takes to go on tour, waking up in a new city every day or two and performing day after day. It makes sense that “getting older” could be a reasonable reason to stop touring, but that’s not her only reason.

In addition to her age, Parton also explained in a recent interview with Good Housekeeping that her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, who happens to be slightly older than she is, is obviously also “getting older.” She added, “I kind of need to be with him.”

Besides prioritizing her husband over touring, Parton also has other reasons that she doesn’t want to go on tour, like how much work a tour is. She explained, “You got to be committed to that. And I did that all my life.” It sounds like she’s burnt out from touring and figures she has toured enough over the years.

While Parton has no plans to ever go on tour again, that doesn’t mean that she has any plans to retire from the music industry altogether. In fact, she explained, “I don’t plan to ever retire unless my husband was sick and really needed me, or I was sick, that’d be the only two reasons I would ever quit. And let’s hope that never happens.”

Besides her music career, Parton also has other businesses and projects keeping her busy including Dollywood, the theme park company she owns. Then there’s the Imagination Library, a charity she started where she sends books to children. In addition, she has also partnered with other brands such as releasing baking mixes for Dunkin Hines and starting her own line of products for pets. There’s certainly no slowing her down!

And of course, she has also proven herself to be a talented actress, such as the role she played in the movie “9 to 5.”  She also wrote the theme song for the movie, which you can listen to in the video below.

Do you think Parton will stay true to her word and never go on tour again?