Dolly Parton Breaks Down 11 of Her Most Iconic Looks From 1975 to Now

Dolly Parton is one of America’s most loved country and pop music singers. She recorded her very first song, called “Puppy Love,” when she was just 13 years old, and consequently moved to Nashville right after she graduated high school in 1964 to pursue her singing career. To this day, she’s sold more than 100 million albums.

Another thing Dolly is known for: Her unique sense of style. Besides her poofy blonde hair, bold makeup, and elongated nails. she’s also been known to rock some sensational outfits. Throughout her entire career, and over the years, her style has really evolved with the decades.

In a recent Vogue video, Dolly breaks down all of her most iconic looks from the ‘70s through today. As fashion changed with the years, Dolly’s evolved too—and all of her looks are simply stunning.

She starts off talking about her outfit choice for the cover of her “Jolene” album, one of her best-selling hits. She wore a blue and white striped jumpsuit and a white jacket with puffy sleeves. “I felt comfortable in this whole little outfit,” she said.

Fast forward to 1980 during the 9-5 premiere, the first movie she was ever part of. “I knew for something as big as a premiere, I thought I needed to be fancy and I didn’t know how to do that,” Dolly said, explaining she asked the designer for the movie to design a dress for the premiere as well.

“I thought it was a beautiful dress, I remember feeling really pretty and I felt like that I was well dressed,” she said of the pink lacey ensemble. “That was probably the first time I really felt like I was fashionable.”

Once you get to 2014, Dolly still looks pretty similar to her earlier years, honestly—but she has quite a different vibe at the Glastonbury Festival, where she donned a white, sparkly jumpsuit. “It’s hard for me to work in a glamorous dress, so Steve Summers designed this outfit that had all the glamour of a dress but all the good ways that I could move about and make it still glamorous and durable. This was a wonderful outfit,” she said.

Her styles are so interesting and fun, and hearing her talk about them all is even more fun! Head to the video below to check out these mentioned above and all the ones in between.

Which one of Dolly’s styles is your favorite?