Former Teacher Shares Dollar Store Makeover Ideas for Your At-Home Classroom

Thanks to COVID-19, for many people, back to school in 2020 is going to look a lot different than usual. While some parents might be sending their kids back to an actual classroom with in-person teaching (you know, like usual), many, many parents are embracing the challenge of distance learning. 

When schools closed in the spring, parents, students and teachers found themselves scrambling to learn Google Classroom, Zoom and other technologies that would make distance learning possible, and all while many parents also found themselves working from home.

Balancing everything can be challenging, but the right work environment can help set you and your children up for success. We’ve had all summer to come to terms with the fact that our kids will be learning from home indefinitely. If you find yourself in the same situation, you might be wondering how to create a classroom environment in your home on a budget.

Kathryn was a teacher for 10 years, and she is also an expert at saving money. Her blog and videos are a great resource for stretching a few dollars a long, long way.

While we have been fans of Do It on a Dime for years, we have never needed Kathryn’s tips more than we do right now with the school year quickly approaching. Thankfully, she’s here for us with a video that shows how she transformed the playroom in her home to make an area specifically for distance learning. It looks stylish and functional, but it didn’t cost a lot.

Watch the video below to learn money and space-saving tips to create a distance learning area in your home.

Many viewers  have found the tips in this video very helpful. One comment reads, “I’m an Educational Therapist. Our county is also distance learning this year. I love your tips. Designating an area for ‘school’ is so important. Even when utilizing the whole house to accommodate flexible seating and alternative learners, it’s essential to have a central location for supplies. I especially love the schedule visible for all to see. This helps everyone stay on track and prevents the ‘What do I do, now?’ moments.”

Parents are feeling motivated by Kathryn’s tips. “Thank you for this! School hasn’t even started and I’m already overwhelmed. Watching this really has motivated me to put more effort into designating an area for my kiddies this school year.”

Are your kids going to be learning remotely this upcoming school year? Do the tips in this video help you feel a little bit less overwhelmed and a little bit more motivated when it comes to preparing for distance-learning this year?