While They All Came For The Dog Show, This Cowboy’s Performance Is What We’ll All Remember

cowboy and dogCrufts

Every year, thousands of dog lovers pour into UK auditoriums to see, what is known as the “world’s greatest dog show.” The event is called Crufts, and though it might not be a household name to folks here in the United States, it is just as popular as the Westminster Dog Show. In fact, it’s been around since 1891, and has been organized by the Kennel Club for years. It features some of the most gorgeous dogs in the world, but what makes the show so special is its unmatchable performance rounds.

You see, although Crufts might be older than our great-grandparents, the iconic dog show definitely has a sense of humor and is known for being a little less buttoned-up than its competitors. Because of this, the audience gets the chance to see spectacular performances from the one-of-a-kind dogs–just like the one that you are going to watch in today’s video!

The clip from last year’s Crufts has officially gone viral. And, for good reason–it features a mind-blowing performance from both the dog AND his amazingly-talented handler.

The extraordinary border collie is named Falco, and his handler, is a real-life dancing cowboy named Lukas Pratschker. Instead of having his dog run up ramps and jump through hula hoops, Pratschker, instead, choreographed a routine they could both boogie to. And, because the handler is a cowboy, he decided to make it country-western themed!

That’s right, Cruft actually taught his dog to do some seriously fancy footwork right alongside him. As the dynamic duo danced to a Big and Rich song for the Freestyle round, the crowd went absolutely wild. Both the trainer and the pup dominated the four-minute routine with complete focus and precision. Clearly the pair know what they’re doing!

But, while the border collie is magnificent, we think most would agree that his handler really steals the show. His moves had the whole crowd clapping!

The border collie, unfortunately, didn’t walk away with a ‘Best in Show’ trophy, but Falco and his handler were able to parlay his popularity into much bigger appearances, namely, a shot at appearing on America’s Got Talent. How amazing is that?!

It’s not every day that a video from a dog show goes viral, so you know that this is a good one. To watch the border collie and his amazing cowboy master steal the show at Crufts, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this video! Are you impressed by the duo? Have you seen them perform in person before? Do you know of any others like them?