‘Dog Mom’ Vents About Being Excluded From Mother’s Day Outing

If you have a dog, you probably consider yourself a dog parent. After all, having a puppy is just like having a baby, right? You feed it, care for it, cuddle it when it’s sad…

But when it comes to Mother’s Day, a common debate is whether pet moms should really be able to be celebrated in the same way human moms are. In one Reddit post, one woman—a dog mom—explains why her friend was upset when they were excluded from a Mother’s Day outing.

For background, the original poster and her friend Leila are two women out of five who have been friends since middle school. Everyone has kids except them—but they do have dogs.

“Once our group had kids, we tried to do a Mother’s Day lunch with all of us,” the poster explained. “It didn’t really go over that well because those without kids couldn’t really participate. Like what do I know about late night feedings and diapers and first steps or going through the adoption process. So people without kids were just left out and everyone was ok with that.”

She goes on to explain that it’s been like that for over a decade. Each Mother’s Day, the mom gang of the group gets together with the others, even their husbands and partners, and spend the day together celebrating.

However, when Leila got her dog last year, she went to the other friend with no human kids and vented about how upset she was to not be included with the others on that special moms day.

“She said she was hurt she was left out of the Mother’s Day outing because she’s a ‘dog mom’ and that counts too,” the woman explained. But she didn’t agree: “I told her they had a point not inviting us. We could deal with not being invited to one of two celebrations out of the year that’s for families. She asked if that means I don’t think of my cats and dog as family. I told her I do but its not the same.” “I told her I’m not trying to take away from the joy being a dog mom brings her, but just trying to highlight how we aren’t the same kind of moms,” she added.

Leila left that day and now won’t talk to any of them. The poster is wondering: Is she the jerk for thinking that way? Or are the others jerks for not including them?

Most people agree that she’s not a jerk, and neither are the friends. “I joke a lot that I’m a dog mom because my dog acts like a toddler but in reality, it’s not the same as having a kid,” someone wrote. “I can leave my dog at home but couldn’t leave a 2-year-old at home. It’s not the same. It sounds like she’s pretty self-centered anyway, so I wouldn’t take her comments too personally.”

“You would never pop your any aged child into a crate so you can run to the store/salon/post office/work. You can however, do that with dogs,” another agreed. “I’m a dog mom and also have a 7 year old human child.”

Do you think dog moms should be celebrated on Mother’s Day? Who do you think is the jerk in this situation?