Dog And Chicken “Hide And Seek” Video Goes Viral

@Gabriele_Corno via Twitter

When it comes to animals, normally you see dogs playing with other dogs, or occasionally even a cat. But rarely, if ever, do you see a dog and another animal, like a chicken, playing together one on one. And now that we’ve seen it, we’ll never go back: It’s probably the cutest thing in the world.

In a now-viral video captured by Twitter user @Gabriele_Corno, a dog and a chicken are seen chasing after each other in what appears to be a rousing game of “hide and seek.” You know, the classic game when someone goes and hide and the other person tries to find them.

In the video, the dog runs before the chicken hobbles behind him and disappears behind a pile of wooden planks. When the dog is out of sight, the chicken looks confused, and pauses there for a moment, seemingly wondering where the dog had just gone. Just a few seconds later, the dog popped out from behind his hiding spot. We’re sure he was yelling, “here I am!” or “olly olly oxen free!” in canine language.

When the dog appeared, the chicken got startled, but is clearly giddy, and begins to chase after the dog once again in a happy manner. Time for another game!

The whole scene is honestly the cutest, funniest thing you’re going to see all day. Check it out below!

The video received nearly 30,000 likes from people who couldn’t get enough of this unlikely duo.

“This is so pure and lovely!” someone wrote.

“I needed to see this today!” another person echoed.

“Animals are amazing—too cute,” someone else responded.

We are, this is pretty darn cute! Have you ever seen a dog and a chicken play together like this? What do you think of this video?