Customer Makes a Fool Of Himself At Auto Body Shop After Saying He Doesn’t Want a “Chick” Touching His Car

iakovenko123 via Deposit Photos

Some jobs are known to be more skewed toward men—police officers, firefighters, and of course, car mechanics. While a woman is completely capable of doing each of these jobs, you more so see men working at them. In fact, some people can hardly believe that a woman could ever even hold a job like that.

Case in point: One man who needed a car repair, who had refused to let a woman touch his car. The woman—the only licensed mechanic in the car dealership at the time—posted about the incident on Reddit.

At the time, the woman was ready to get to work on the male customer’s car. But the man absolutely refused to have her touch the car. “Who is that chick? Is she going to be working on my car? I don’t want her working on my car,” the male told the advisor.

The other tech is out at the moment, so it’s going to be quite a wait until someone else can look at your car,” the advisor had replied.

“That’s fine. I’ll wait for a guy,” the customer said. “I don’t want that chick touching my car.”

Well, the customer didn’t realize how long he’d be waiting for someone to help him.

“Half an hour passes,” the woman recalls in her story. “The apprentice is still away, and I am happily working on something else, bringing other cars in and out. The customer is now watching each and every person who comes through the door.”

Apparently, the customer began to point out every male who he’d rather have work on his car—but the advisor had a reason why each of those people couldn’t do it as they were much more under qualified than their female counterpart.

The woman recounted how her advisor stood up for her after the man requested anyone who was a male.

“’That’s my best technician,’” the advisor told the man. “’Those guys take orders from her. You can either wait for her to finish what she’s working on, and then you can ask if she’s still willing to do your work, or you can take your car somewhere else.’”

“The guy was pretty shook up at this point and he took his car and left, two hours after he’d first arrived,” the woman wote on Reddit. “I don’t think we ever saw him again, which was not much of a loss, all things considered.”

Pretty crazy the lengths people go to be so sexist!

Would you have let a female fix your car?