Mom Enraged After Neighbor Doesn’t Allow Her Kids To Use The Neighbor’s Private Pool Because “They’re Just Kids”

One couple recently bought a new home and had no idea the arrangements came with the neighbors’ kids using their pool.
In a recent Reddit post, this couple explains that their new home has a pool—one that the previous owner had allowed the neighborhood kids to come drop by and take a dip at any point.

However, this new couple isn’t into the idea of having surprise visits from these kids who swim in their pool all the time and told the parents to call it quits. But the mom isn’t happy about it, since this wasn’t an issue prior.

The new homeowner wrote on Reddit to ask who the jerk was in this situation. Was it her, for not allowing these kids to come swim—kids who used to be able to when the house had a different owner? Or is it the mom, for insisting that they’re able to?

“They insisted their kids wouldn’t get hurt and asked if it’d be ok if the kids used it whenever we weren’t as they’re ‘Just kids’ and spoke about how it’s getting hotter now, I was getting annoyed at this point and told them they should get their own pool then and I’d already told them we weren’t comfortable with this,” the new homeowner wrote on Reddit.

Since then, she said she’s still had to chase the kids away and have been receiving dirty looks from the mom. Is that fair?

Reddit to the rescue! In the post, the majority of people say that the new homeowner isn’t being a jerk. It’s actually completely unfair that this mom expects her to allow these kids to go for a swim in her pool whenever they please.

“You know those parents would sue you into the next century if the kids got so much as a scrape,” someone pointed out.

“This is a huge liability for you and your HO insurance,” another agreed, suggesting to “post ‘no trespassing’ signs and if they still don’t get the message, pay a lawyer a couple of hundred bucks to write them a ‘stay out’ letter (delivered by Certified mail). That will cover you’re a** somewhat if, God forbid, an accident happens.”

“I would even go as far as to have a lawyer send a cease and desist and set up cameras. You know even with them telling the couple no they would sue,” another person offered.

Who’s side are you on? What would you do in this situation?