Doctors Are Posting Their Bikini Photos To Protest a Study That Called Them ‘Unprofessional’

@trishgreenhalgh, @ladaisysanchez via Twitter

What you wear in your free time does not have any impact on how professional you are or aren’t when you’re at work. Drawing a line between the two seems ridiculous, but that’s just what happened.

“The Journal Of Vascular Surgery” published a study that was conducted by three men. The title of the study was “Prevalence Of Unprofessional Social Media Content Among Young Vascular Surgeons.” The study claimed that surgeons who post pictures of themselves wearing bikinis and holding cups of alcohol are unprofessional.

In response and in protest of the study, doctors and surgeons started posting pictures of themselves in bikinis on Twitter with the hashtag #medbikini.

Some patients shared that they don’t mind if their doctors wear bikinis in their free time. One patient shared that people who conducted the study seem to be the creepy ones who are unprofessional.

The journal has since retracted the publication and apologized for it.

Do you think it’s unprofessional for doctors and surgeons to post pictures of themselves wearing bikinis and drinking alcohol? If you saw a picture of your doctor in a bikini on social media would it make you feel like they weren’t a very good doctor, or would it make no difference in your opinion? Do you think the men who conducted the study are the creepy, unprofessional ones?