Heartbreaking Text Message From Doctor Working With COVID-19 Patients Is a Cry for Help That’s Going Viral

Different states and different cities have different restrictions due to COVID-19. In some places, kids can go to school in person while in other places, school takes place via the internet. In some places, it’s mandatory to wear a mask in public, in other places, masks are completely optional.

Many people don’t seem to be taking the pandemic as seriously as they were back when it first started. As restrictions ease, people take advantage of their freedoms and ignore CDC guidelines.

For example, even though the CDC highly recommends not having a traditional Thanksgiving gathering, some people are still making plans about spending the holidays with friends and family as if it’s a normal year.

Actress June Diane Raphael sent a text to her best friend who happens to be a doctor working with COVID-19 patients. She wanted to check in and find out how her friend was doing. Her friend took the opportunity to vent, and Raphael shared the text on Twitter where it has since gone viral. 

Her friend explained just how stressful her job is and why it is so important to take the pandemic seriously.

“I am carrying more and sicker patients than ever in my career…I expect at least half of them to die but probably not for 1-3 weeks (which they will spend alone in the hospital). I have to call their families and update them daily. I sobbed on the phone with one mom who I have to update about her daughter who will likely die.”

Then, the doctor explained that there seems to be a major disconnect between what’s going on in hospitals and what people out on the streets are doing. She finds it appalling how careless people are being during a very serious pandemic.

“People here aren’t wearing masks, they are having Sunday family dinners, going to church, planning for Thanksgiving…I drive home stunned through a college town with lines out the doors for local bars. People complain about their personal freedoms being limited and the mental effects of social distancing and wearing a mask…but give no respect to others’ right to live and give no thought to the mental effects of accidentally infecting and killing grandma or the trauma they are imposing on their healthcare workers. This is devastating.”

Raphael’s tweet has gone viral, and many Twitter users have commented about how important it is for everyone to read this tweet.

Some healthcare workers have chimed in expressing that they can relate to how Raphael’s doctor friend feels.

Do you wear a mask in public? Does this doctor’s text change your perspective about the pandemic?