DIY Face, Hand & Body Lotion

Body lotion:

A body lotion can be as simple as 2tsp olive oil whipped into 1 cup distilled water, dry skin will absorb olive oil very quickly. Since I make my own soap I have a lot of conditioning ingredients.

My favorite cream is: 3 oz shea butter(or cocoa butter)
3 tlbs Sweet almond oil
3 tlb olive oil
1 tsp grapefruit seed extract (optional) this is a preservitive
melt your shea or cocoa butter or a combination of both in the microwave until just melted
add the other oils (you can choose other oils)
mix together well and place in refridgerator until almost hard,
whip with a mixer until light and fluffy.

While whipping add distilled water or soft water by the tsp until the consistity you like
you can add essential oils ,my favorite is Tea Tree Oil for it’s healing quality
I bought all my ingredients from E-Bay