Husband Sends Ex-Wife Flowers and a Note on the Final Day of Their 19 Year Marriage

Image of divorced dad's flower gesture.@shorrtstackkk via Twitter

Going through a divorce isn’t easy for everyone, and it can be an especially painful ordeal when kids are involved. Many of you have probably heard stories or have your own to tell about a divorce that didn’t go well.

But there are some splits that are amicable, and both parties leave the marriage on good terms. Yes, it happens, and it happens to people other than Gwyneth Paltrow who want to consciously uncouple. An example of this was shared some time ago online and it went viral.

Teen Morgan Lynn’s parents decided to end their marriage of almost 20 years, and when it was finalized close to the end of the year, her dad did something that moved her to tears. On that final day, he sent a bouquet of flowers to her mother with a note that read, “Always Gonna Be You.”

Cue the tears. In a Twitter post, Lynn noted that he sent her mom’s favorite flowers and when her mom shared the news with her, she got emotional. People responded with supportive comments with many saying they would send prayers for her family. She had no idea the post would reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Those words moved some commenters to empathize and shed their own tears. The note was weighty and left internetizens wondering if there was any chance of reconciliation. Lynn told Today that her parents – Jason and Jennifer – danced to a Kenny Chesney song at their wedding and that her father recently heard “Always Gonna Be You” by the singer and felt like it was the right song to close out their marriage.

Those words had double meaning. Although her parents’ relationship was ending, Lynn found some comfort in her dad’s gesture as it let her – and her siblings – know that they could still be friends.

Despite feeling some comfort in her father’s kindness, the fact that her parents got divorced still made Lynn very sad. She then asked the Twitter community to send her photos of their dogs to help cheer her up. That set off another flurry of responses, as people were more than happy to oblige.

According to Psychology Today, divorce can impact children differently. Older children may internalize their feelings and act out by being defiant or on the opposite end of the spectrum, become withdrawn and despondent. It can lead to stress or anxiety, affecting school work, appetites, and relationships.

When parents stay on good terms, it can help make the transition to a new way of living a bit easier. Like Morgan told Today:

It’s comfortable knowing that they still are friends and still will be friends for all of us.”

What do you think of this ex husband’s gesture? Are you a child of divorce who can relate to Morgan Lynn? How would you have felt if you were her mom receiving this bouquet and note?