Man Wants to Know If He’s the Jerk For Ditching Date At Restaurant After She Made Racist Comments

First dates can be hard—but they can also be really telling of whether you’re going to want a second, third, or many other dates after that. For one lad, it was quickly apparent that he’d never want to see the girl he went on a first date with ever again.

He posted about the experience in a Reddit post that blew up with nearly 2,000 comments—and for good reason. It was pretty crazy! The man even prefaces the post with, “Before anyone thinks this is fake, let me assure you I wish this was. I am in shock.”

The man booked the date at a nice Korean restaurant with Korean BBQ stations—a lovely first date experience if we do say so ourselves. However, the girl had no idea what the Korean BBQ concept was—and when she found out, she didn’t love it.

“She was like, ‘but why do we have to do all the work? Isn’t that their job?”’ the man relayed. “I explained to her that’s what’s fun about it but we could always order off of the a la carte menu if she didn’t want BBQ. But she said, ‘just make them do it for us’ and insisted on calling the waitress over and asking her to put the meat on the grill and demanded to be served after it was ready. This elderly Korean lady had to shuffle between busy tables and come and flip the meat and serve our plates.”

That isn’t even the half of it. After attempting to get past the horrible start to the date, the man—who is Indian—allowed it to continue until they got their dessert menus. That was when his date told him: “My god this place is a nightmare, all these useless immigrants (she’s white) come into the country and don’t even work and eat up our tax dollars. Are they even legal?”

But wait—there’s MORE!

“She said it loudly enough that a nearby table of brown people in their 20s started giving her dirty looks and whispering to each other,” the man explained. “She notices this and goes *same goes for these insert racist word for people of Pakistan.*

When she saw his shocked expression, she tried to backtrack, but not in the best way: “She saw my expression and went, ‘oh no I don’t mean Latinos they’re fine. I LOVE Mexican food.’ So it seems that she thinks I was Latino (my birth country never really came up as I speak with an American accent) and she uses a racist word against my own countrymen in front of me.”


Needless to say, this man never wanted to see this woman again. So what did he do? He paid the bill, but then got up and left her there, even after driving her, and blocked her number.

At the end of the post, he asked who the jerk was—him for ditching her, or her for being rude and racist?

Many people believe that she is definitely the jerk.

“YIKES. Run for the hills and when you get there, don’t stop running,” someone wrote. “If she asks why you ditched her, tell her you simply don’t date racists.”

“Oh hell no,” another person said. “I hope the long walk back gave her some time to reflect on why she’s so racist, but there’s no reason way she has the self-perception required for that.”

“You did good. You did more than good. You paid and left,” someone else noted. “I would have left her stranded with 50% of the bill. Ghost her so good she can’t be able to reach you with a Ouija board.”

What do you think—who’s the jerk in this situation? If you’re willing: Share your worst/best first date story!