15 People Share the Disturbing Things They Found After Moving Into Their New Homes


Moving to a new home can be really exciting. You might have more space, the updated kitchen you’ve always wanted, maybe a nice yard for the dog to run around in.

However, as you live in your new abode, you might start to come across some weird things left behind by previous owners. Things that are honestly kind of disturbing. And creepy. Some may even say terrifying. Nightmare-ensuing!

Take a look at some of the most worrying items people found after moving to a new home. There should’ve been signs on these homes stating, “buyers, beware!”

  1. Excuse me. You forgot your creepy doll.

  2. I just helped a friend move into their apartment. The next day they found 37 clowns under their porch.

  3. So we opened the closet above the stairs in the house we’d just bought…

  4. Friends and I moved into a new house. Found a closet full of doll cutouts. Thought that was creepy enough on its own but when you see it…

  5. Found this bottle in the basement of my new house. Wonder what’s in it.

What do you think of these creepy home discoveries?