15 Of the Most Disturbing Things Ever Posted In Mom Groups Online

DanithFarman via Reddit

Not everyone has the same parenting style, and that’s okay. However, sometimes moms share things in online mom groups that makes other moms feel a little bit shocked. Sometimes some moms go a little bit too far to the extreme with a parenting quirk.

No parent likes to receive unasked for parenting advice, so replying to another mom’s post stating how wrong you think she is would definitely not end well. In some cases, the other moms in the group choose to vent their frustration at the post by taking a screenshot and sharing it in another group or on a different social media platform.

Here are some examples of posts shared in online moms groups that other moms found disturbing.

  1. Cookies

  2. Ugly Husband

  3. Pregnancy

  4. Babysitting

  5. School

  6. Twins

  7.  Dating Sign

  8. Dating Warning

  9. Placenta

  10. Bathing

  11.  Ice-Cream Truck

  12. Receding Hairline

  13.  A Christian Baby Name

  14. Baby Hair

  15. Breastmilk