Actress Reveals That The Late Eccentric Billionaire Howard Hughes Did “Unthinkable Things” To Her

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Howard Hughes was a very eccentric billionaire who loved aviation and once own RKO studios in Hollywood. There have been several movies based on his life including “The Aviator” in which Leonardo DiCaprio starred as Hughes, and “Rules Don’t Apply,” in which Warren Beatty portrayed the character based on Hughes.

While many people know about him, there aren’t a lot of people who knew Hughes personally. Actress Terry Moore knew Hughes very personally.

Moore started acting when she was just 10 years old, and she has yet to retire at the age of 94. In 1952, Moore was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film “Come Back Little Sheba.” Today, she has a new film called “Silent Life.” Vladislav Kozlov, the film’s director, explained, “She’s the oldest working actor to play the lead part in a feature film.” 

When Moore was a teenager, and already an established actress, she met Hughes for the first time. She was at a restaurant with her boyfriend when Hughes introduced himself. She didn’t know it at the time, but it was all arranged. She explained, “My agent brought him over.” She added, “We thought it was accidental but nothing was accidental with Howard. It was all set up.”

Moore was 23 years younger than Hughes, but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with him. She explained that Hughes was her first love, and she described it as “a great love.” She thought of him as “dashing, exciting, adventurous.”

Even though she remembers him as “the most charming man you could ever find,” she also remembers his negative traits. She called him “a liar” and claimed, “he did unthinkable things.” She admits that he “hurt” her and “was cruel”. However, she claims she didn’t realize that he was cruel until later because she “was too naive.”

Moore claims that she and Hughes were married by the captain of a ship, but she has no idea if the marriage was valid or not. Hughes destroyed the records, and both Hughes and Moore went on to marry other people. In the end, Hughes died alone. Meanwhile, Moore had two children with her husband, Stuart Cramer.

Moore thinks that Hughes’s “terrible death” made up for his bad behavior. She said, “I think he paid for it in the end. He had a terrible death. He could manipulate so much. I was too young and too innocent.”