Mom Shares Game-Changing Hack for Disposing of Hot Grease Without Pouring It Down the Drain

Beyond the Hem Boutique

Cooking and cleaning are two entirely separate tasks. While some people love to cook, that doesn’t mean that they love to clean. In fact, some people (I’m raising my hand over here) may even decide what they’re going to cook based on how hard or easy it will be to clean up the mess afterwards.

One of the worst messes to clean up is grease. After cooking a steak or some hamburgers, you might be left with a pan full of grease. The dilemma is what to do with all that grease without just pouring it down the drain.

Personally, we save bacon grease in jars to cook with later. The flavor is amazing. However, we don’t always want to save the grease.

One woman shared an extremely easy way to discard of excess grease without any of it going down the drain. All you need is some aluminum foil.

The woman shared that she takes a piece of aluminum foil and completely covers the drain in her sink with it. She does more than just cover the drain, though. She kind of makes a little bowl out of the foil. Then, she can easily pour the grease from her pan into the foil instead of down the drain. 

What happens next is you wait. After a little while, as the grease cools, it will change from a liquid to a solid. Once the grease has solidified, the Facebook user shared that she wads up the foil, and tosses it in the trash. It couldn’t be easier.

If you want to do something useful with the grease instead of just throwing it away, another Facebook user shared that the excess grease has an amazing use besides cooking. She uses it to kill weeds by pouring a little bit of the grease anywhere she doesn’t want weeds to grow!

Whether you’re going to use the grease to cook, kill weeds, or if you’re looking for an easy way to throw it away, there is seriously no more excuse for pouring it down the drain.

How do you usually dispose of excess grease? Are you going to try the aluminum foil trick?