People Are Losing It Over This Mom Who’s Debating Going to Disney World Despite Daughter’s Positive COVID Test

If there’s one thing we should all know at this point in the coronavirus pandemic it’s that you should stay home and self-quarantine if you have COVID-19. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be on board with this advice, and that’s probably why the United States is having such a hard time controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus.

One mom had good intentions when she planned a family vacation during Christmas break. The vacation, a trip to Walt Disney World, was going to be the big Christmas present for her 2 daughters, and the plan was to leave the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, this mom planned the vacation during a pandemic.

Now, the mom is conflicted about whether or not to go through with the vacation. It turns out that her 4-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID-19. She posted about her dilemma in the Facebook group “Disney World Junkies,” and Twitter user @kittynouveau took a screenshot and shared it on Twitter.

This mom is concerned that if they cancel the trip she won’t have any Christmas presents for her daughters, and she mentioned that even her travel planner said they should be okay to go on the trip since the rest of the family’s COVID tests came back negative and the 4-year-old doesn’t have any symptoms.

Seriously. We really hope this family cancels the trip and buys their daughters some last minute Christmas presents instead. We’re definitely not the only ones. Twitter users are concerned about so many aspects of this mom’s post. For example, she seems more concerned about not going to Disney World than about her own daughter’s health.

Other Twitter users are concerned for the health of everyone at Disney World.

Yet other Twitter users agree that this trip was for the parents not the kids and that the kids would be perfectly happy with other presents.

And still other Twitter users point out that the rest of the family may very well end up testing COVID positive the next time they get tested.

This tweet probably sums up the situation best of all.

Please, cancel your travel plans especially if you test positive for COVID-19. That family vacation to Disney World can wait until next year or whenever the pandemic is over.