Some Fans Express Outrage After Disney Reveals Plans for ‘Politically Correct’ Makeover Of Jessica Rabbit

@TrueUnderDawg1 via Twitter

When it comes to Disneyland, the company’s flagship theme park, there will always be fans who want the rides to remain in their original condition forever. The idea of changing something about the ride to update it or make it more modern and relevant can be appalling to some, but other people, including the people who make these types of decisions at Disney, think there are changes worth making.

Multiple rides at Disneyland have been updated through the years. For example, Pirates of the Caribbean was updated in 1996 and 2017 to change the depiction of female animatronics including removing a scene where a woman is being auctioned off. The Jungle Cruise ride was updated this past summer to make it more politically correct, and Splash Mountain will be completely rethemed as Princess and the Frog.

Disney is also working on a big change to one of the rides in Toon Town. It’s called Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, and it’s based on characters from the 1988 movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Visitors to the theme park recently noticed that Roger Rabbit’s wife, Jessica Rabbit, was missing from the first scene on the ride. She used to be tied up in the back of a car, but she has been replaced by cans of acid.

Fans were worried that Disney was removing her from the ride completely, but that is not the case. Instead, they are giving her a makeover.

Jessica Rabbit was a beautiful, buxom and scantaly clad nightclub singer in the movie, and she was portrayed the same way on the ride. While the movie is not going to change, the ride certainly is. When she returns to the ride, she will be wearing a trench coat and a fedora because Jessica has decided to give up acting to become a detective. Here is a glimpse at the new version of Jessica via a poster that will be displaced in the ride’s queue.

Fans are turning to Twitter to express their feelings about this change. While some thing this is a long overdue update, others think Disney is making a big mistake.

Have you been on the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin ride at Disneyland? What do you think of this update to Jessica Rabbit’s character?