Disney Is Now Adding Digital Face Masks to Guests Who Refuse to Follow Mask Guidelines

The pandemic has caused businesses to implement numerous changes in order to provide safe experiences for customers and guests. Stores started offering curbside pickup. Restaurants created new take out menus. Places like theme parks and movie theaters closed, but over time with new restrictions and safety measures in place, many were allowed to reopen.

Walt Disney World reopened in July. The theme parks now require guests to wear face masks at all times unless they are sitting down and eating or drinking in a designated location. They have also added plexiglass to rides and greatly reduced the number of guests allowed in the parks at one time.

Even though Disney requires face masks, some guests have tried to ignore the rules whenever possible, like when they’re on a ride. Only after seeing the on-ride photos would Disney employees know that a guest had temporarily removed his or her face mask.

For awhile, Disney refused to let guests access any PhotoPass photos where a guest was not wearing a face mask. Disney hoped this would encourage guests to keep their face masks on.

Now, Disney has come up with another idea. Instead of refusing to let guests see photos where someone wasn’t wearing a face mask, now, Disney is digitally adding a face mask to the face of anyone who isn’t wearing one.

In the photo below, which was shared on Facebook, at first glance, it looks like everyone is wearing a face mask, but if you look carefully at the woman in the back row, you’ll notice that her face mask is plain black and seems too big for her face. Think of this as face mask clip art. The mask was digitally added after the photo was taken.

This digital addition of face masks to guests’ faces is currently available at the ride Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is also available at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom. We expect Disney to roll out the same feature at more rides in the near future.

What do you think of Disney’s plan to digitally add a face mask to the face of any guest who takes off his or her face mask while on a ride? Would this feature encourage you to keep your face mask on?