McCormick Is Hiring a ‘Director of Taco Relations’ and the Position Pays $100K


If you love tacos, like, really, really love tacos, McCormick has just announced what sounds like an absolute dream job. While this is obviously a marketing ploy, it also sounds like an actual job, but it is remote, part time and only lasts 4 months.

McCormick is looking for a Director of Taco Relations. The position pays $25,000 a month for a total of $100,000. The job only lasts 4 months, but it’s a 20-hour a week job and is 100% remote.

Whoever is chosen to be the first ever Director of Taco Relations will basically be the company’s resident taco expert. According to McCormick’s description, this expert will “work with the McCormick Kitchens team to develop innovative and delish taco recipes, travel across the country in search of the latest taco trends, dialogue with other like-minded taco connoisseurs across social media, and be in on the latest Street Taco seasoning mixes developed by the McCormick innovation lab.”

If you’re a taco lover, you may already be drooling at this job description, but wait – there’s more. The winner will also “creatively celebrate taco-themed moments, such as National Taco Day, National Margarita Day, and make sure nobody ever misses a Taco Tuesday.” The main responsibility is “is to bring together and unify all taco lovers, young and old, in the name of tacos!”

When McCormick announced this dream job for taco lovers on social media, many people were immediately excited to apply.

If being the Director of Taco Relations sounds like your dream job, tweeting about it is not going to get you the gig. In order to officially apply, you need to make a video that shows off your “personality and passion for tacos.” Creativity is encouraged. In addition, you need to submit your resume and cover letter as one attachment. Submissions are open now through July 20, 2021 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.

You can find all the details about what this dream job entails and what you should include include in your application here.

How much do you love tacos? Are you going to apply to be the Director of Taco Relations?