Artist Challenges Us to Find 7 Differences Between These Two Pictures

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We love a good mindless puzzle. One of our favorite optical illusionists? Gergely Dudás. Dudás, often referred to as “Dudlof,” who has made a career out of stumping kids and adults alike with his fun, whimsical puzzles.

Typically, Dudlof shares photos similar to the “Where’s Waldo” concept, where he draws hidden objects into cartoony illustrations and sees how quickly you can find them. And we’ve put our eyes to the test with our fair share of them.

If you haven’t seen his latest puzzles, be sure to try and find the mouse among the squirrels in this picture, or the tiny snowman in this wintry puzzle. If you’ve aced those, then it’s time to move on to some of his more seasonal puzzles, like finding the heart among the snails in this Valentine’s Day puzzle or Santa’s hat among the snowmen in this Christmas puzzle.

However, his latest puzzle is a bit different, and arguably even more trying than his others.

In his most recent illustration, he made two of the exact same images, and then varied just a few stray objects to make them a tad different.

The scene portrays a bunch of adorable animals enjoying a day on the beach. There are bunny rabbits and penguins, foxes and porcupines. Everyone’s having a grand old time, whether they’re taking a dip in the water, eating ice cream in the sand or reading a book under an umbrella (we see you, brown bear!).

There’s only one problem: Dudlof has added seven differences between the two pictures, and they’re nearly impossible to spot. You could spend all day flipping through the two photos trying to find the slightest bit of difference.

Take a look below!


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Hint: The changes ARE slight. Keep in mind that these could be any kind of difference—from a change of color on an object to a small detail on an item.

If you need a little help (we sure did), you can check out Dudlof’s solution blog post here. Just make sure you only click if you want to know the spoilers!

We’d love to know: How long did it take you to find all seven differences—or did you before you checked the solution? How many did you find before you gave up?

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