Dick Van Dyke Looks Amazing At Age 96 In These Paparazzi Photo

Age is just a number, isn’t it? You hear that all the time, but it does prove itself to be true. You’re really only as young as you feel—and we’re pretty sure Dick Van Dyke feels like he’s in his 40s (even though he’s 96 years old).

The former actor, singer and dancer was recently photographed by paparazzi walking down the street, and he looks just amazing for his age. He’s smiling and chipper, and it just makes it feel like he’s so much younger than he is.

Van Dyke has always had young genes—just take a look at this photo of him from the 50s:

And now, take a look at this photo that was just taken recently:


Would you believe the man is only four years shy of 100 years old? Sure, he has white hair. And some wrinkles. But let’s be serious for a second: Look at that wide grin on his face. Look at that adorable, comfortable sweatshirt he’s rocking. And those shoes! They look like the comfiest things to ever brace someone’s feet. And he just looks so darn happy to be out and about in his cozies. We can’t help but grin looking at the picture!

Most people who saw the photo had to agree—this elderly man was looking sharp.

“Dick Van Dyke love, that man is an international treasure, and every day that he is still with us is a great day!” someone wrote.

“He looks so happy and he’s rocking that shirt!” another agreed.

“He is the CUTEST THING,” someone else wrote.

So what’s Van Dyke’s secret to looking so happy and good for his age (and longevity)? Perhaps it’s exercising. Just last year at 95 years old, he let Access Hollywood in about his typical at-home workouts.

“I’m 95, and a lot of my friends won’t do these. … So all you old guys out there, listen to me, I’m telling you: You can keep going for a long— I’m still dancing! And singing!” he says.

Check out the video below for what he does to exercise at his age, as well as the rest of his “secrets” to living a long, full life.

How cute is this man? Do you know anyone so jolly at an old age like his? If so, what is their secret to living such a fulfilling life? We’d love to know!