Why Many People Agree That the ‘Shopping Cart Test’ Is the Way to Determine If Someone is a Good Person

When we go to a grocery store or a big box store, one of the first things we do is grab a shopping cart. Shopping carts are great because they make it super easy to push around all of our purchases, and it’s usually super convenient to get one since they’re right by the entrance to the store.

When we’re done shopping, and we pay for our purchases, we push the cart to our car and load our shopping bags inside. What comes next? Do you find the closest shopping cart return area and return our shopping cart there, or do you simply abandon it in the parking lot assuming an employee will rescue it later?

A Twitter user named Jared shared a picture that describes the “The Shopping Cart Theory.” The idea is that a shopping cart is the ultimate test of whether or not someone is a good person. If you return the cart, you’re a good person. If you don’t, you are not a good person. 

The reason a shopping cart is a great test is because it is not a law that you have to return the cart, but we all know that is the appropriate thing to do. Some Twitter users agree with Jared that it really is a great way to know if someone is a good person or not.


While Jared may believe that a shopping cart is a clear way to know whether or not someone is a good person, some Twitter users argue that it’s not so black and white. For example, someone who is disabled or who has small children with him or her might find it very difficult to return the cart. Also, some people would be out of a job if everyone returned their carts.





Then there are those Twitter users who seem to negate the idea of it being difficult to return a shopping cart. They simply park right next to the cart return. Side note: We have discovered that this is extremely helpful when you’re shopping with little kids.


Do you always return the shopping cart? Do you think whether or not someone returns a shopping cart really is an accurate way to know if someone is a good or bad person? Do you think there are exceptions?