19 Photos That Show What Happens in a Texas Deep Freeze

@TxDOTAustin via Twitter

We all know that it’s cold in Texas right now and that many people are without power, but unless you are experiencing the winter storm in Texas for yourself, it’s probably hard to imagine just how desperate the situation is.

For those of us who are used to cold weather and winter storms, snow and ice may not seem like a big deal. We crank up the heat and wear a coat when we go outside. We wait for the snowplow to clear the roads, and we enjoy a warm fire and cup of hot chocolate.

That’s not what it’s like in Texas. With few snowplows, roads are still dangerous and covered in snow. With power out, there are icicles hanging inside people’s home. That’s right, inside their homes! This isn’t a normal experience. This is quite extreme and something that is much easier to understand when you see pictures of what is happening. These pictures shared by Texas residents speak volumes.

  1. Going to the restroom in Texas today. (Real pic from a house in Dallas) from r/funny

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