15 People Participate in Filmmaker’s Challenge To Describe Their Favorite Movie “As Boring As Possible”

K.Klimenko via Deposit Photos

We all love a good flick. In fact, after we see a good movie, what’s one of the first things we do? We explain what it was about to someone, right?

Now, typically, we like to explain movies we liked in depth. After all, what’s better than going back to the plot in your mind and being the reason someone else will get to witness such fun flicks?

But for a funny, unique challenge, one filmmaker decided to ask her followers on Twitter to describe their favorite movie in the most boring way they could think of. You wouldn’t think the results would be so hilarious, but they are. Here are our favorite 15.

  1. Titanic

    “Old lady tells a story about a boat on a different boat.”

  2. Groundhog Day

    “Man turns off alarm clock 3,176 times.”

  3. Ratatouille

    “Four-star restaurant is brought back up to five stars by a critic who liked their rat food.”

  4. Back to the Future

    “Kid speeds, goes to the 50s, accidentally dates his mom.”

  5. Lord of the Ring

    “Guy find a ring and his nephew returns it to the factory.”

  6. Forest Gump

    “Dude keeps eating chocolates while waiting on the bus reminiscing about the past.”

  7. Jurassic Park

    “Some mosquitos in tree sap cause significantly more problems than they ever realized.”

  8. The Exorcist

    “A ‘moody’ tween is sent o her room and is visited by two priests to talk through and help resolve her issues.”

  9. The Breakfast Club

    “Five kids stuck in the school library all day.”

  10. Home Alone

    “A boy is forgotten at home during a Christmas vacation. He makes mac ‘n cheese.”

  11. Gremlins

    “Father buys son pet and instructs him on care of pet. Son ignores instructions. Son thinks he knows best. Son doesn’t know best. Son has to clean up after pet.”

  12. Alien

    “A cat lady takes a long nap after cleaning her transport rig of vermin.”

  13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    “Strange women laying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for government.”

  14. Ghostbusters

    “Four college professors become exterminators.”

  15. Inception

    “Leonardo DiCaprio spends most of it sleeping.”

Which ones did you get right off the bat? What’s the most “boring” description of your favorite movie that you’d like to add to this list?