Denim Panties Are Apparently a Thing Now and They Cost Over $300

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my undergarments, my main focus is to be comfortable…unless you’re anticipating showing those babies off to someone who hasn’t seen it before (as opposed to us old married folk who will stretch those ‘granny panties’ out ‘til they’re ton to shreds. TMI? TMI. Anyway, I digress).

My point is, being comfy is always my main requirement when I buy any kind of clothing, including underwear. Who wants to be uncomfortable while they’re sitting at work or at the dentist or grocery shopping or whatever it is you’re doing that day?

So when I heard that denim panties—that’s right, underpants made of cold, hard, DENIM—were a thing, I kind of lost my mind.

I had so many questions. Who would want to have denim touching where the sun don’t shine? I barely can handle wearing jeans at all on my entire lower half (I’m a leggings/sweatpants girl all the way), so denim underwear just seems extremely unnecessary.

Also…do they button? Do they have pockets? Do they chafe? Are you really supposed to wear these UNDER a pair of jeans? The answer is yes to all of these (at least we’re assuming yes for the chafing question).

When I learned how much these babies cost, I couldn’t believe my ears. Denim underwear miraculously sells for £235, which is $306 in U.S. dollars! You can purchase them at a Canadian retailer called Ssense.

What’s more, some of the sizes have already been sold out, so clearly people are actually into them, which is confusing us even more than the fact that denim underwear actually exists.

The actual description of the denim panties on Ssense reads: “Denim brief-style shorts in navy. Fading throughout. Mid-rise. Three-pocket styling. Belt-loops at waistband. Copper-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. 100% cotton. Imported.”

We know what you’re thinking, but DON’T WORRY, you don’t need to get the faded pair. If you’re particular about the color of your denim panties, the shop also sells them in a black color as well, which you can purchase here.

So who thought of the nonconventional underwear anyway? It was designed by Y/PROJECT, a Paris-based label that describes itself as “conceptual and inventive” with “playful proportions and a witty take on historical references.” I mean…yeah. When you’re designing underwear that’s literally jeans with the legs cut off, that’s a pretty accurate description.

This isn’t the only bizarre clothing item this label has come out with. There’s this kind of strange long sleeve-stretch wool off-the-shoulder blazer with a fringed detailing at collar that looks like an oversized wig. Or these denim cuff lounge pants that wouldn’t be so weird if the model wasn’t wearing them over jeans.

We’re not really sure what to think of this brand, but we know one thing’s for sure: We are not setting foot (or anything else) in those denim panties!

What do you think of the idea of denim panties? Would you ever buy these (for $300) or wear these?