Demi Moore Explains the Brown Wall-to-Wall Carpet in Her Bathroom

Demi Moore via Twitter

There are some interior design decisions that are more universal than others. For example, while some people prefer an open floor plan, other people prefer a house broken into traditional rooms. Some people prefer wallpaper while other people prefer to paint the walls. Some people prefer granite countertops while other people prefer marble or concrete. You get the idea.

One fairly common interior design choice involves the bathroom floor. Many people choose to put tile on the floor of their bathrooms. It makes sense since it’s fairly easy to keep tile clean, and a bathroom can get messy at times (especially if you have little kids).

What is less common is to have carpet on the floor of your bathroom. It’s not unheard of, but it is unusual. While carpet is soft under your feet, it’s harder to keep it clean. That’s why many people choose to put bath mats in the bathroom. That way you can enjoy standing on a soft surface while having the ease of cleaning up the tile floor.

Demi Moore and her ex-husband Bruce Willis have been quarantining together with their children in their Idaho home. The decision is an unusual one that got quite a bit of attention, but now a decision about the home’s decor is getting even more attention.

Moore is filming a podcast called “Dirty Diana” inside her home’s bathroom. On Twitter, she recently posted a couple of pictures of herself filming the podcast along with the simple text, “Behind the scenes recording  #DirtyDiana.” 

We doubt that she expected her bathroom decor choices to get so much attention. For starters, her followers can’t get over the wall-to-wall brown carpet on the bathroom floor. 

Moore is defending her decision to have carpet in the bathroom saying that it’s warm, and that’s important since it can get very cold in Idaho. She also throws her ex under the bus. In an interview with Seth Myers, she said the carpet “was a Bruce Willis choice.” Watch the full interview below.

Moore’s followers are also intrigued by all of the objects scattered around the bathroom. One person said it’s like a game of I spy.

Do you think it’s strange to have wall-to-wall carpet in a bathroom? Do you have tile, carpet or some other type of flooring in your bathroom(s)?