Furious Delivery Driver Takes Food Back After Insisting Customer Didn’t Tip Her Enough

Driver Man

Ever since the pandemic started, getting everything we need delivered to our door has been more appealing than ever before. Anyone who is trying to avoid stores and restaurants for health and safety reasons can easily place an order online for quick delivery.

Services like DoorDash are also great because they make it easy to support local businesses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide delivery service. When using DoorDash, you can choose how much you want to tip your driver, and you would think that a delivery driver would be grateful for the well-deserved tip; however, one delivery driver thought her tip was way too low.

A Ring doorbell camera filmed a DoorDash deliver driver as she stood outside the door of a person who had placed an order for take out from a local restaurant. Instead of leaving the food at the door, the driver requested that the person who lived there go outside to talk to her. She insisted that his $8 tip was unreasonably low considering how far she had to drive to get to his house after picking up the food from the restaurant.

The home owner seemed confused by the driver’s request and reaction to the tip amount. He refused to go outside, and he refused to change the amount of the tip. Instead of settling for the $8 tip, the driver decided to return the food to the restaurant.

Watch this strange encounter in the video below.

She probably thought she was teaching the person who ordered some sort of lesson, but perhaps the lesson was her own. As some viewers pointed out, she probably wasn’t able to return the food to the restaurant. She probably also ended up not receiving any tip since the customer most likely got his money back since his food was not delivered.

One comment reads, “Pretty sure he got his money back so she doesn’t get the tip, doesn’t get paid for the trip, loses her DoorDash gig and has to pay the restaurant for the meal.”

Other viewers point out that she shouldn’t have accepted the order if she thought it was too far to drive, and she must have intentionally gone a slower way than necessary.

One viewer wrote, “She accepted the order … this woman is crazy.”

Another viewer asked, “Why is she complaining about an $8 tip when she took 40 minutes to finish a 12 minute drive?”

As another viewer pointed out, the food was probably cold after a 40 minute drive. The home owner was probably glad he didn’t have to pay for most likely inedible food.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a delivery driver? How would you react if a delivery driver asked you to change your tip?