Deli Gets Flooded With 1-Star Reviews After Its Viral Sign Draws Backlash

@HaitianDvorce via Twitter

Many restaurants and stores that have minimum wage jobs have had a hard time hiring enough employees to keep the business running. Instead of simply raising the wage they offer employees, some businesses are being a little bit more creative, and in one particular case, it didn’t go over well.

Twitter user I.G.Y. Azalea noticed a sign in front of a Jason’s Deli in Melbourne, Florida. It was a sign letting anyone who saw it know that the deli was hiring. Instead of simply saying “now hiring” and listing the available positions, the sign was worded in a very unique way.

The sign didn’t actually describe any of the positions available. Instead, it described character traits and designed an hourly wage based on how much effort the employee put into the job. For example, a “mediocre person” would get minimum wage, which is currently $8.65 in Florida. The highest hourly wage listed was $15 per hour. In order to get that wage, an employee would need to meet the following description: “Out shines and out performs the owner. Does all the above.” By “all the above” the sign is referring to the descriptions inbetween minimum wage and $15 per hour. These descriptions include “works like 2 people” and “supervisory material.”

I.G.Y. Azalea shared a photo of the sign on Twitter and wrote, “saw this at a deli in town, this realllllly doesn’t sit right with me :/.” So far the tweet has 75.6 thousand likes and has been retweeted 6,580 times. It has also received 3.4 thousand comments, and many Twitter users feel that the deli is setting the bar pretty high for an hourly wage that doesn’t seem to match.

In response to the viral sign, Ragan Edgerly, Jason’s Deli President and COO, told Insider, “While the pay scale does reflect the average starting pay rate in that market, the descriptions used do not accurately reflect Jason’s Deli’s hiring practices, and the sign was immediately removed.” He added, “We are aggressively hiring highly motivated people. We are also extremely committed to offering a competitive and fair wage.”