Doctor Sparks Heated Debate After Sympathizing With People Who Eat Fast Food Because It’s Cheaper

@dremilyportermd via Twitter

We can probably all agree that a lot of fast food is not healthy. While there are certainly some healthy options at many fast food chains, these options often cost more than items like burgers and fries that are more commonly found on a value menu.

Usually doctors are all about helping people make healthy choices, but one doctor decided to speak up in defense of people who eat fast food. On Twitter, doctor Emily Porter shared that sometimes there is a huge price difference between eating at McDonald’s versus shopping for fresh food at the grocery store. In her tweet, she compared the price of the meal she had for lunch at McDonald’s to the price of raspberries at the grocery store.

Some people responded to her tweet assuming that it was impossible to pay so little for a meal at McDonald’s, but she has proof.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s focus on the real debate that her post started on Twitter, the debate about whether or not it really costs less and makes more sense for poor people to eat fast food than to shop for fresh food and cook at home. Scroll down to view some widely different opinions.