Netflix Is Coming Out With a Dating Show Where The Contestants Wear Animal Prosthetics

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On most dating shows, the contestants can see what each other look like. Take “The Bachelor,” for example. The bachelor and competing bachelorettes can easily see each other’s faces. That means that attraction and love are based not just on personality but also on looks.

There are some dating shows where contestants can’t see each other. For example, we think of the classic game show “The Dating Game.” On this show a single man or woman would sit on one side of a partition while three people of the opposite gender would sit on the other side. He or she would ask the three people questions and decide who to date based on their answers instead of their appearance.

Netflix is taking the idea of hidden identity up a notch. Instead of using a partition to prevent singles from seeing each other, the contestants all wear elaborate animal prosthetics to completely disguise their entire head. It’s quite bizarre.

In the trailer for the new show, we see multiple different types of animal prosthetics. A panda tells a bull she wants to have children. An insect and a dolphin go bowling. It’s something you have to see for yourself. Watch the official trailer below.

Twitter users aren’t sure how to feel about this new show. Some find it bizarre.

Other Twitter users point out that all of the contestants are reasonably attractive under the prosthetics, so saying the show is about dating based on personality isn’t quite fair.

Other Twitter users point out that this dating show isn’t really original. It’s already been done by the BBC.

“Sexy Beasts” has already been greelit for two seasons. The first season will premiere on Netflix on July 21. Will you be watching?