Viral Tik Tok Shows Date Ditching Woman After She Slurps 48 Oysters and She is Left to Pay the Bill

Shebeko via Deposit Photos

A recent viral TikTok video featuring a woman, who goes by the name Equana, has sparked a heated debate on social media. In the video, Equana shares her unusual first date experience at Fontaine’s Oyster Bar in Atlanta, where she ordered a whopping 48 oysters, along with other items, only to be left with the bill when her date abruptly excused himself!

Equana explained in the video that she had chosen Fontaine’s Oyster Bar due to her love for their oysters, which were reasonably priced at $15 a dozen on Tuesdays. She also mentioned that her date had been texting her for weeks, and she agreed to meet him because she was bored and had time.

However, things took an unexpected turn when her date left before the bill arrived and later claimed that he had invited her for drinks, not a full dinner. He offered to cover the cost of the drinks but not the extensive meal.

The video garnered significant attention, with over 5 million views on TikTok and over 28 million on Twitter.  Take a look below. @equanaaa #hebrokeyallendofstory #fontainesoysterhouse #oysters ♬ original sound – EquanaB

Social media users had mixed reactions to Equana’s story. Some criticized her for ordering too much food, while others questioned the authenticity of the date.

Equana clarified in a follow-up video that she did not intend to order 48 oysters but found them so delicious that she couldn’t resist. The total bill amounted to $185, and Equana left a 14% tip, totaling $26.13.

While some online commenters expressed concerns about the quantity of oysters consumed on a first date, others questioned the legitimacy of the situation. Fontaine’s Oyster Bar confirmed that they witnessed Equana on a date, and the date returned to the table after Equana paid the bill. The restaurant’s general manager, Kelcey Flanagan, acknowledged that the amount of oysters was unusual for a single diner but noted that Equana also had crackers.

A portion of social media users sympathized with Equana, while others criticized both parties for their behavior. Despite the diverse opinions, Equana’s story served as a catalyst for discussions on dating, restaurant etiquette, and social media sharing.

In the end, Equana’s viral TikTok video not only entertained millions but also raised questions about dating expectations, dining etiquette, and the consequences of sharing personal experiences online.

What are your thoughts on Equana’s dating experience? Have you ever had an unusual dining encounter on a date?