Online Debate Sparked Following Dad’s Disappointed Reaction At Gender Reveal

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Getting pregnant is so exciting—you’re either starting your family or adding to it. But will the baby be a boy or girl? Having a gender reveal party is one of the most fun ways to find out.

Gender reveal parties have become a pretty big deal for most families. The idea is that you have your friends and family over and then all find out what the gender of the baby is using some elaborate measure. Whether it’s cutting a cake to reveal pink or blue frosting or opening a box of balloons, most gender reveals end with the couple jumping up and down for joy.

However, some gender reveal parties don’t go as planned. What if the parent really wanted a boy and found out they were having a girl, or vice versa?

Gender disappointment can be a real thing. Some people dream of the gender of their child their whole life, only to have to get used to having the opposite one. And while a healthy baby is most important, this can be a really big problem for some.

Gender disappointment can most commonly happen on baby number two or three. At this point, you already have one or two children of a certain gender, and maybe you’re really hoping for the opposite for your new baby. So if you cut into the cake and it reveals that pink frosting when you were hoping for blue, it might be hard to hide your disappointment (even if you’re still really excited about a new addition).

This recently happened to one dad at his gender reveal. The man already has a little girl and was really hoping the new baby would be a boy. However, when the pink confetti erupts from the balloon pop, the dad appears to mouth “oh f*ck,” and then angrily throws confetti on the ground. He looks completely defeated!

The video was posted to TikTok and quickly racked up over 540,000 views. But people were pretty upset over this dad reacting this way.

“I hope his daughter doesn’t see this when she’s older,” someone wrote. “He’s lucky to even have kids.”

“Why would he have that reaction?” someone else questioned. I can see hoping for a boy, but to visibly be upset??? As long as the baby and your wife is healthy, then be happy.”

Some people defended the man, arguing that some people may be too quick to judge the reaction.

“People are so mean,” someone wrote. “He wanted a boy. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to love his daughter.”

“Gender disappointment is real and he’s allowed to feel this way,” another person said. “Baby will be loved just the same.”

We hope when the second girl comes out, he’ll be thrilled to have not only but two Daddy’s girls! Check out his reaction to the gender reveal balloon.

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