Dad Puts On Daughter’s Short Shorts to Prove Just How Short They Are

Jason Hilley

If you have a son and a daughter, you probably know that when you’re going shopping for clothes, the options available for each gender are quite a bit different. We’re not just talking about skirts and dresses for girls. We’re talking about huge, unnecessary differences in certain items, like the images and words on t-shirts and how tight fitting the clothes are for girls are opposed to boys.

We’re not saying that all clothes are like this, but if you have a dress code to follow for school, you probably know that it’s easier to find stylish boy clothes that comply with the dress code than it is to find stylish girl clothes that follow the dress code rules.

One rule that’s hard to follow is the acceptable length for shorts. Boy shorts tend to be long, even knee-length or longer. Girl shorts tend to be, well, about as short as they can be without being shorter than underwear.

In order to prove a point about just how short his daughter’s new shorts were, one dad, Jason Hilley, came up with a creative idea. He didn’t lecture her on how short her shorts were. He didn’t tell her not to wear them. In fact, he told her to put them on while his wife was recording. Why? Well, to answer that, you’d have to see what he was wearing.

Hilley put on a pair of super short shorts and walked into his daughter’s room. His shorts were just as short as the shorts his daughter wanted to wear. He told her to put on her short shorts, and she eventually did. He told her that if she was going to wear her short shorts, than he was going to wear his too…every day when he picked her up from school.

Wow. We’re pretty sure his daughter would rather wear longer shorts than have her dad show up at school in his short shorts. Watch the video below to see her reaction.

Hilley posted a photo on Facebook that showed him and his daughter in their super short shorts. At the time of publication, it has received 3.6k comments and 19k shares. 

Many of the comments are super supportive. One person wrote, “I love that, parenting is not an easy job.” Another person commented, “I died laughing at that good one Dad.”

Some people who commented don’t think the daughter’s shorts are too short. One person wrote, “I don’t think her shorts are too short?? Plus they live in Florida. It has been 93 degrees here everyday with a real feel of 100-109 degrees!” 

What do you think – is this a parenting win, or are her shorts long enough?