Dad Fights for His Life in the Hospital After Son Ignores Pleas and Hangs Out Maskless With Friends

Sometimes young people think that they don’t need to worry about the coronavirus. They sometimes think this if they are young and healthy they won’t get sick. Even news reporters can fail to understand how serious COVID-19 really is until they or someone they love gets sick.

John Place and his family live in Plantation, Florida. The family had been in quarantine for months and was being very careful. John is overweight and has diabetes, so he has a couple risk factors if he happened to contract COVID-19.

The one wild card in the family’s attempt to quarantine was John’s 21-year-old son who would occasionally visit his friends. He said that he was being careful, wearing a mask, washing his hands, but eventually, he let his guard down. 

John started coughing and thought that he had a cold. Eventually his son came forward and told his father that one of his friends had tested positive for COVID-19. He thought it was possible that he accidentally brought the virus home, and he suggested that the whole family get tested.

In a Facebook post, Michelle Zymet, John’s wife and his 21-year-old son’s step-mom, shared that her step-son “was scared and of course it took courage for him to come forward and tell his dad this…He is aware that he has made a mistake and that he unfortunately allowed his guard to come down once or twice and that this is a possible consequence of his actions. He feels terrible for what has happened and just wants others not to make the same mistake he did!”

Watch the video below to learn more about John’s struggle with COVID-19.


John’s family wants to make sure noone else lets their guard down and accidentally brings home the virus. Even if the person who decides not to wear a mask (like John’s son) doesn’t get very sick, they may accidentally infect someone else who struggles for his or her life (like John).

Michelle wrote on Facebook that her step-son wants their story to change the minds of “the younger generation and to any others who think this virus is a joke and isn’t “REAL” and who aren’t taking the necessary precautions during this pandemic. We are trying to open everyone’s eyes that by not wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and by not social distancing you are putting yourself at risk and of those at home that you love…each and every day.”