11 Dog Owners Reveal Whether Or Not They Would Cut Off Five Years of Their Own Life to Give to Their Pooches

@FLOTUS via Twitter

Dog really is a man (and woman’s) best friend. It’s your baby—you’d do anything for them. The only flaw to dogs is that their lives end too soon—typically, much sooner than a human’s does. And that means you’re always in the burden of watching your best friend die.

So, if given the chance, would you shorten your life to make theirs longer? In one recent Reddit thread, people were asked this question. Here’s what they came up with.

  1. If They Were Meant to Die First, Yes

    “It would be a cruel twist if I agreed to this, only to find out that I was meant to die less than five years from now and not get to spend any more time with my dog.”

  2. No, Because They Wouldn’t Want it

    “If you asked a child whether they would trade five years of their life to give a parent five more, many children might say yes. Their parents on the other hand (99% of them anyway) would say absolutely not, f*ck no, I’m not accepting five years of your life. My time is over, I gave my years to you so that you might enjoy life, I don’t want them back. This is how I think dogs would look at it if given the chance. They give their love to us unconditionally. If they knew we were giving five years of our lives to them, they would be upset, not grateful.”

  3. No, Because That Would Make Them Suffer

    “It would be like adding 35 years to my dog. He is 14, blind and clearly suffering to old age. I couldn’t do that to him.”

  4. Yes, Because Mental Health Would Be Better

    “My dog (and my previous pets) are the biggest reason I haven’t committed suicide, or got into drugs etc. They are my antidepressant. And yes, I have family, friends etc., but only dogs were always completely honest.”

  5. No, Because That Would Hurt Others

    “Your death affects more than just you. Five years with friends and family has a lot of room for happiness. Five years without a loved one can seem an eternity. I’m sorry, but no, I would never end my life early for any pet.”

  6. No, Because Math

    “I love my three dogs dearly, and I will do so for the rest of their lives. To give each of them 5 years would mean 15 years less of mine…. 15 years is another dog’s lifetime… in 15 years I can have more sweet pups and thus save more dogs’ lives as I only take from shelters or from the roadside. So being selfish and keeping the ones I love now for longer and letting future pups who need love as well die too soon or all alone… No. Let my darlings live their lives out happily, I will miss them all, but there is always another that need love again.”

  7. No, It’s Too Selfish

    “As much as most people would want 5 more years with their friend, I wouldn’t want them to suffer or feel the pains of old age. Dogs live the length of life they do because that is their nature. Prolonging their lifespan just for personal reasons is selfish.”

  8. Yes, Just Make it Even

    “Dude, I’d split our life forces evenly so we just die at the same time. My pets are my boyz.”

  9. No, a Dog is a Dog

    “Because dogs are cool but at the end of the day, they’re still dogs.”

  10. No, Family Comes First

    ” love my dog, but I would never take years away from a life spent with my daughter and husband. Sorry buddy, but they come first. My dog can still live out a normal, happy life in the years he’s been given.”

  11. A New Way of Thinking About it

    How about this. If you could extend your dogs life to *max life expentancy, but as a result, you’d die the a day after your dog, would you do it?

Would you ever give away years of your life for your good boy?