These 9 Curb Jumpers Were Completely Caught Off Guard By This Huge Rock That Was Placed There to Foil Them

Many drivers are guilty of cutting corners when they’re driving, and we mean that literally. If you have ever seen someone jump a curb while turning, you know what we’re talking about.

There is one curb in Omaha that was being jumped so often that someone came up with a creative solution. Instead of letting cars continue to rip up the grass and create holes in the dirt, someone put a giant rock next to the curb so cars would not be able to drive over it.

This rock is shaped slightly like a ramp on one side, and when cars aren’t paying attention and try to jump the curb, instead, they find themselves stuck on top of a rock.

A Facebook group was actually started so that people could post pictures of the cars they saw perched on top of the rock. It’s surprising how many people aren’t paying attention when they are driving.

You might notice in the pictures that quite a few of the vehicles stuck on the rock are SUVs. Devon Barnett is a member of the Facebook group, and he believes that the rock is harder to see from an SUV. That doesn’t give SUV drivers an excuse. They shouldn’t be jumping the curb anyway.

Scroll down to see 9 different cars that all made the same mistake and drove directly on top of this giant rock that is affectionately known as Rocko.