Massive Crowds Defy COVID-19 Safety Guidance After Alabama Celebrates Championship Win

ABC 13

We understand that COVID-19 has made celebrating a lot more difficult that usual. Drive by birthday parades aren’t nearly the same as the real thing, and a Zoom Thanksgiving is not the same as gathering with family in person. We’re all growing weary of safety guidelines that limit our ability to gather together, but that doesn’t mean that we should start ignoring those guidelines.

This past summer, we didn’t even know if college football was going to happen this season, but it did. Despite added restrictions, frequent testing and often empty stadiums, football prevailed. On Monday January 11, 2021, the top two teams played the final game of the season. This championship game took place between Ohio State and Alabama with Alabama being the clear winner with a final score of 52-24 over Ohio State.

Days before the championship game took place, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox warned fans not to throw block parties if Alabama won. On Twitter, he urged fans not to ignore health guidelines. He explained, “There will be a time and place to celebrate, but this is not the time. All of us have friends, family members, people that we know and love who have been impacted by COVID-19. Presently, our hospital is stretched.”

Fans chose to ignore Maddox’s warning. Multiple videos and pictures posted to Twitter show massive crowds overflowing the streets. Watch the video below to learn more about these large celebratory crowds.

Many Twitter users are concerned by these huge crowds during the midst of a pandemic. even congratulated coronavirus for being the winner.

Some Twitter users defended the crowds saying it’s just college kids being college kids, but others are concerned that these crowds will cause another spike in coronavirus cases.

Do you think these huge crowds will cause an increase in coronavirus cases? Does it surprise you that so many people would defy health and safety guidelines to celebrate their team’s victory?