These Crochet Patterns Really Are Off The Hook

Split image of crochet designsMJ's Off the Hook Designs

My grandma once tried to teach me how to crochet, but I never quite understood it. Her fingers were just moving so fast and I got utterly overwhelmed and never looked back.

That just means I respect people who can crochet even more than I ever would. Whether you can crochet a scarf, a hat, or a blanket, you’re pretty awesome in my book.

There’s some talent out there who can do even well beyond that—like creating full-on crocheted outfits, from your head to your toes, or crocheted whimsical blankets that go way beyond the ones you buy at Target.

Meet Michelle Moore, an Ontario-living mom of four who crochets on the side of her work as a dairy farmer. She the creator behind MJ’s Off The Hook Designs, which makes all of the above patterns, plus lots more.

A little background about Michelle: While she has always enjoyed knitting and crocheting, she never developed her skills further than the standard scarf until her daughter showed interest in the hobby by joining a knitting and crocheting club at her school.

Suddenly Michelle was like, wait! If my daughter can do this and enjoys it, maybe I should pick it up again! While her grandmother taught her the basics years prior, Michelle taught herself the rest by listening to a how-to CD. Once she bought herself some yarn and hooks she was, well, hooked!

Besides the aforementioned items, Michelle created everything from mini crocheted ponchos for the little ones to adult-sized sweaters, hooded blankets, and more.

She’s been featured in several magazines including Interweave Crochet, Crochet!, HomeSpun Australia and Happily Hooked Magazine, and, well, let us just show you so you can see!

These crochet patterns are truly off the hook, if you get what we mean. Check out these awesome creations by Michelle below.

  1. Alpaca

    This alpaca crochet is the cutest, comfiest way to cozy up this season.

  2. Deer

    Or how about this adorable deer, which just needs a red nose for the holidays?

  3. Elf

    Or this other seasonally-appropriate design, complete with elf shoes and hat.

  4. Shark

    Speaking of the holidays, this blanket is the perfect gift for the mini shark lover in your life.

  5. Hippo

    Or for the really, really mini, this purple hippo couldn’t be any cuter (or cuddlier).

  6. Unicorn

    And we can’t forget about the unicorn trend for the little ladies (or honestly, adult ladies too…I’d totally wear this around my house on a cold day!).

  7. Owl

    Don’t worry, the adults do have plenty of options too, like this amazing owl hooded blanket.

  8. Sweater

    And if you’re into typical clothing, Michelle makes that too. This cardigan is gorgeous!

  9. Baby accessories

    And these baby-approved hat and booties are making us aww out loud.

Which type of pattern is your favorite?  There’s truly something for everyone, young or old(er)! Check out all of her patterns and video tutorials on how to make them yourself on Michelle’s Instagram and website.

Do you like to crochet? What’s your favorite item you’ve ever made before?