17 Share the Things Men Say That They Think Are Fine to Say But Tend to Come Off Creepy

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Sometimes people say things without realizing how the person they’re talking to is going to take what they’re saying. In some cases, they’re trying to be nice but end up sticking their foot in their mouth. Some of the things men say to women definitely fit this description, and in some cases, the things men say are actually really creepy.

Sometimes men’s actions are even creepier than the things they say, and they don’t always realize it. Reddit user SuperElectronicGray asked, “Women of reddit, what do men do that they think is okay but is actually creepy?” The answers poured in proving that some men are clueless about how creepy they really are.

  1. “Do You Live Alone?”

    Reddit user changingoftheseasons answered:

    Maybe it’s just me but, asking if I live alone.Now if at this point of inquiry there was an already established friendship I suppose it’s okay. But if you are a stranger or an acquaintance that would freak me out.

  2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    butdoesithavestars wrote:

    Restrict movement in any way. Pinning me in a corner, holding my wrist down, blocking my escape, etc may make you feel powerful but it makes me worry I will be trapped for awhile and then dead.

  3. Take a Hint

    hypersp00p shared:

    Follow you around while you’re out, because they want to keep talking to you after you’ve already made 2 attempts to end the conversation.

  4. Being Followed

    terribleverything explained:

    When I am walking down the sidewalk, follow me slowly in a car while trying to talk to me.

  5. No Way to Escape

    landho54 wrote:

    Block an exit while trying to start a conversation. Just.don’t do it EVER.

  6. Favors for No Reason

    i_just_haveaquestion answered:

    When men I don’t know well at all do random favors for me without me asking. I know it can come from an innocent place, but I’ve had enough buildups to creepy behavior that started with small things, that I’m immediately suspicious.

  7. Inappropriate Messages

    Another Reddit user explained:

    When you get messages like “hi hun 💕😘” in a business setting. I draw for a living and regularly get guys messaging me under the guise that they want to commission something, when it’s really just an excuse to get closer to me.This will sound blunt and bitchy, but I don’t want you. I want your money. You commissioning, or not? Alright stop wasting my time, thank you!

  8. Massages

    BuckingFutters78 shared:

    My wife had a boss that would come up behind the ladies and start giving them shoulder massages… not cool dude

  9. Not a Slinky

    weemuree added:

    I’ve got curly hair and I’m sick of men thinking they can just come and grab a coil of hair and pull it, like I’m some kind of slinky spring! Don’t touch my f***ing hair and don’t call me moody when I tell you to stop!

  10. Sexy Minnie Mouse

    Another Reddit user answered:

    My workplace is mostly men. There are 3 women and approximately 25 men. I used to bring in homemade baked goods a lot…pumpkin bread, brownies, cookies, smores bars and the like. I enjoy being in the kitchen. It’s a nice gesture to share. One guy started drawing me borderline inappropriate Minnie Mouse drawings. Not done well. Traced images but with small changes like her bloomers too short. Weird to explain. I’m the exact opposite of a person you’d think would like anything Disney related, let alone sexy Minnie. He said he drew them to thank me for the treats. I stopped bringing in treats which resulted in everyone else questioning why I quit baking. Very awkward all around.

  11. Catcalling

    T7Ley wrote:

    Honking, yelling or some form of catcalling while I’m running or even just walking down the street.

  12. Invading Personal Space

    ookaminaku shared:

    I have a large tattoo on my shoulder, and I’ve had several men come up from behind, and move my tank top strap and bra strap to see it better. It’s been mostly in grocery stores and Lowe’s of all places.

  13. Not Interested

    gvf77 explained:

    I’ve come across a few men who don’t seem to understand that “I have a boyfriend” means I’m not single and I don’t want to be pursued or flirted with.

  14. Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

    thatboiii2468 answered:

    Constantly pushing for a date after saying we aren’t interested. Like a high school boy having a crush and the girl saying “I just like you as a friend…” and they keep pushing like she’ll fall in love. Sorry that’s just a fairytale. Please stop after we say we don’t like you. No hard feelings! We just don’t want to date you.

  15. Too Soon

    YourTransJesus wrote:

    Saying anything along the lines of “you’re perfect” upon minutes of meeting

  16. Tracking You Down on Social Media

    Another Reddit user added:

    Using my name on my credit card receipt at the gas station to look me up online and try to add me on various social media platforms shudder

  17. FaceTime

    Armacdonald94 shared:

    I’ve had men who have been on FaceTime in public follow me with their phones talking to their friends about how I look and such and it’s just really uncomfortable because I didn’t consent for my body to be recorded and sent to your pals when I’m just trying to get my f***ing groceries.