15 of the Most Creative Halloween Skeletons to Freak Out Your Neighbors

Image of skeleton mermaid.Oriental Trading

Do you want to one-up your neighbors with the Halloween décor this year? How about wowing your party guests? There are a thousand different avenues you could take but it’s essential you have a skeleton crew.

It all depends on how creepy, cool, or cute you want to get, but these out-of-the-box Halloween decorations go way beyond your basic bony buddy found in every store aisle. You want life size? It’s here. You want an imaginary creature? Oh, they exist too.

Outside of turning your home into a haunted house or opening a portal to the netherworld, you can still inflict chills up the spine with the right display of the undead. Just check out these freaky skeletal designs that may inspire you to go all out in your yard this year, leaving your neighbors in awe and the trick-or-treaters spooked out.

  1. Smokin’ Bride of Death

    Is she leaving a wedding or visiting someone because their time is up?

  2. Plotting By Day

    But full witch mode by night.

  3. Lady in Waiting

    Imagine walking up on this haunting lady in the rain. If you look closely, her eyes follow you.

  4. Ghoulish Skeletons

    I wouldn’t feel safe with these guys in the neighborhood.

  5. Web Weaver

    Put a few of these terrifying creatures on your doorstep. . .

  6. Minis

    These look like gremlins who won’t quit. We think they glow in the dark too!

  7. Are these Real?

    These look authentic enough to deter burglars, vandals, and candy stealers.

  8. Noooooooooo!

    Not ET too!??!

  9. Climbers

    This is what really happens after everyone goes to bed. Makes the zombie apocalypse seem winnable.

  10. Rock-a-Bye

    This animated decoration really moves and rocks. If you want to amp up the scares, get one from Halloween Asylum.

  11. Mermaids are Real!

    And this Halloween decoration really does exist. Order yourself one from Oriental Trading.

  12. The Horseman

    Sure to traumatize kids and adults alike.

  13. Floating

    This levitating skeleton is guaranteed to give everyone nightmares.

  14. Knock Knock

    You have to get past this door guard before asking for candy!

  15. Cook Out

    It’s dark. It’s haunting. And it knows exactly what it’s doing there. Do you?


Some of these are so frightening that we’re not sure if they are made of plastic or. . . .something else. If you too want to create skeleton displays and faces that will haunt visitors in their sleep, take a piece of inspiration from what you see here. Grab some skeleton cats, chihuahuas, and witches and make your whole block scream!

If you want to dial things down a bit, you could always move the creepiness indoors and save it for a Halloween soiree. Whatever you decide, don’t leave bones out of your décor!

Do you like to decorate your yard for Halloween? Do you make it silly or scary? What do you think of these unique skeleton decorations?