21 of the Most Creative Ways That People Have Decorated Pumpkins

One very popular way to decorate for Halloween is with pumpkins. While pumpkins add an instant fall vibe to your decor, decorating those pumpkins can take it to a whole new fun, silly or spooky level.

If you want to carve a pumpkin so that it will greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, it’s best to wait patiently until just a day or two before the holiday so that your Jack O’Lantern will look perfect on the big night. If you can’t wait, you could always decorate the pumpkin in another way, like by painting it.

When it comes to a Jack O’Lantern, we often think of a basic face cut out of a pumpkin, but some people take it to a whole new level. They carve intricate designs on pumpkins to make them look like true works of art. Some people use the pumpkin’s shape to guide their creativity, and some take the opportunity to turn the pumpkin into something besides a face, like a house or the moon.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate a pumpkin this year, or if you just want to see some amazing pumpkins, we have you covered. Scroll down to see 21 of the most creative ways people have decorated pumpkins.

  1. Very Little Carving Required

  2. Walking on the Moon

    My friend is awesome at carving pumpkins.

  3. Gru and His Minions

  4. A Pumpkin House

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  5. Captain Jack Sparrow

  6. A Dog O’Lantern

    I carved a dog-o-lantern!

  7. Gandalf vs. Balrog

    Gandalf vs. Balrog Pumpkin Carving “You shall not paaaaaaassss!!!”

  8. Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing pumpkins

  9. Yes, This Is Really a Pumpkin

    I carved It from pumpkins.

  10. Thanos

  11. Scary Good

  12. Star Wars

  13. A Graveyard

  14. A Hamburger and Fries

  15. “Nightmare Before Christmas”

    My Pumpkin :D

  16. This Is Seriously Scary

    I carved the scariest pumpkin I could imagine.

  17. Eye See You

  18. A Welding Pumpkin

  19. Rick and Morty

  20. The Fonz

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  21. “The Little Mermaid”

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