COVID-19-Positive 3rd Baseman Celebrates Maskless On the Field With His Teammates After World Series Win

USA Today Sports

Last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers made history when they won the World Series. It was definitely reason for celebration in Los Angeles, and fireworks could be heard and seen all around the city as residents expressed their joy in the team’s victory.

This was the first time the Dodgers had won the World Series in 32 years, and it almost didn’t happen. As COVID-19 threatened the baseball season this year, players and fans worried that what started as a very hopeful season for the Dodgers would never be finished.

Unfortunately, the great success of the Dodgers was quickly overshadowed by news that one of the players had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

All of the players were quarantined at their hotel in Arlington, Texas. For 3 weeks, they were instructed to only go from the hotel to the stadium and back. They were not to go anywhere else. This basically created a bubble that should’ve prevented any of the players from getting COVID-19.

We’re not sure what happened or how this bubble was broken, but Justin Turner, the third baseman for the Dodgers, tested positive for COVID-19. He was told to self-isolate, but he didn’t.

After the game, Turner walked out onto the field to celebrate and take photos with his team. He took off his mask and kissed his wife. He also posed for a photo with his teammates. Again, he wasn’t wearing a mask. To make matters worse, he sat right next to the Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts, a man who was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma 10 years ago. 

For more about this strange yet very 2020 turn of events and what happens next for the Dodgers, watch the video below.

Did you watch the World Series last night? Do you think the Dodgers should be penalized for letting Turner walk onto the field even though he had tested positive for COVID-19?