Ohio College Students Who Knew They Had COVID-19 Hosted a Labor Day Party Anyway

Leave it to college students to come up with an interesting way to break quarantine.

Recently, in Oxford, Ohio, a police officer pulled up his cruiser next to a house where several Miami University college students were sitting on the patio of their house. There was loud country music playing. There was clearly a party in progress.

The college town is currently capping socialization at 10 people, and when confronted about the party, one of the house’s residents admitted that there were probably 20 people inside the house.

The officer politely explained the 10 person rule and that since 8 people currently lived in the house they could only have 2 guests over at a time. He asked the young man to tell his friends they needed to go home, and he said he would wait outside while the guests left.

After the guests left, the officer ran the ID of the young man he had been talking to. The message that popped up on his screen clearly surprised him. It said that the man who had thrown the party had tested positive for COVID.

When confronted about the COVID test, the college student seemed confused about why it was a problem. He said that he was quarantining because he was staying home, and he added that everyone in his house also had COVID, everyone in the house across the street had COVID, and everyone who attended the party had COVID.

The officer’s body cam footage shows this whole confrontation. Watch the footage below.

We can’t help but worry about the police officer’s health after watching this video. He must be a little bit flustered after realizing that he has been in such close contact with so many people who currently have COVID-19, and none of them were wearing masks.

About 20,000 students attend Miami University, and currently, more than 1,000 students have COVID-19. Yet, the university plans to reopen for in-person and hybrid classes on September 21st. 

Do you think it’s a problem to have a party if absolutely everyone who attends already has COVID-19? Do you think Miami University should have in-person classes when so many students have COVID-19?